“I was created to to create beautiful smile”, says every dentist but very few really mean it. InstaCare have always been the number 1 choice for doctor software especially when we talk about the best practice management software in Pakistan. Our mission to empower doctors in Pakistan with comprehensive , advance and innovative software for doctors can never be achieved without our Heroes who are actually implementing the software to automate and digitalize their medical practice to provide best patient experience along better practice and clinic management.

InstaCare have developed clinic software to help doctors in their clinic management and saving patient data with best patient management tools.

InstaCare is pleased to share one of its Most Valuable Professional Dr Ahad Shabbir of ToothCare and a Dentists in Lahore who is best practicing InstaCare dentist Software for the better management and providing best patient experience to his Patients. Indeed this shows his care, concern and quality of service which Dr Ahad Shabbir is providing to his patients.

InstaCare will always reward its best doctors in Pakistan who are not providing just better cure but better patient experience as well.

If you wan’t to meet Dr Ahad Shabbir at ToothCare in Township, Lahore then simply book an appointment without any hassle.

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