5 Reasons InstaCare Software should be a part of your practice

InstaCare EMR (electronic medical records) software can make your practice more efficient and support your patients in numerous ways. Here are five major reasons to make the transition from paper to EMR.

1. Increases Practice Growth

InstaCare Provides multiple ways to boost your practice reach. With the help of instacare online profiling you can now get a professional online web page that will create strong presence on modern search engines like google. It will also help you in getting internet presence and reaching out millions of patients on internet.

The Platform also provides tools like telemedicine that will help you in providing remote consultancy option to patient far away from you even beyond the borders. You can simply get connected with video checkup online and provide the similar experience as you and your patient both are sitting together and discussing health issues. This is a great tool you must atleast demo it.

2. Increases Productivity

By streamlining many common tasks and removing the necessity for others (such as managing patients and booking appointments) altogether, InstaCare software can dramatically boost the productivity of your practice. Your office will run more efficiently, too, with fewer opportunities for errors and delays.


 3. Increases Your Practice’s Quality of Care

InstaCare EMR Software Systems offer a range of automated management tools. As well as automating the management of your patients, these tools also allow you to automate other aspects of care such as clinical protocols and managing outreach programs. Automation allows your office to deliver safer, more effective care much more efficiently. One example would be a clinical event management tool; this can be customized with a patient’s specific state of health to better support care providers in monitoring clinical protocols and current guidelines on best practice.


4. Increased Patient Satisfaction; Increased Engagement

InstaCare Software can help to maximize your patients’ satisfaction by ensuring that they’re properly taken care of at every step of the way. Immediate access to your patients’ notes from wherever you are helps to cut down the amount of time patients spend waiting for information. InstaCare Software systems with a patient portal allow the patient to update their information themselves, reporting changes in condition, asking questions, requesting refills of medication or arranging appointments. This improved engagement increases satisfaction; it also helps optimize clinical outcomes.

5. Cost effective, High Availability and more

InstaCare software provides very flexible payment methods along 24X7 anytime anywhere access to your system.


More About InstaCare

InstaCare.pk is working since 2014 to build best in class health-tech platform that can help patients by providing accessible, reliable and affordable healthcare services and connecting them with the best healthcare service providers in the country.
Today #InstaCare is a family of 20,000+ Healthcare Service Providers from 50+ healthcare specialties and have made it possible to get 30,000+ medicines at your doorstep. We have also integrated largest laboratory chains network offering 2000+ lab tests and diagnostic services to help people in availing hassle free diagnostic services.
InstaCare is not a platform built for patients only but is working closely with medical professionals in leveraging their expertise and boosting their practice growth.


You might be working in industry from past many years but do you remember what were your first 10 cases? Remembering the cases, its details, patients and other relevant information is nearly impossible for any professional however this is very important information and a part of your experience that will help you throughout your professional life then why are you missing it? Do you think managing it on papers is enough? Obviously not, because paper is tangible and will be thrown in the trash any day. So start using instacare to keep the records of all important information that is a part of your experience, that is your hard work of years and you can’t afford to loose them.


InstaCare is the name of technology that bridge patients and medical professionals through very innovative and creative methods. We help medical professionals in building significant presence on internet and the popular search engines like #Google where millions of patients can see you and get information about you and can reach out by booking appointments or consulting online with the help of telemedicine. InstaCare also provide digital solutions for your practice growth that will help you in reaching out more patients.


We are always looking forward to meet you, breif our platform and provide you free demonstration. You can leave a message or call us at 03354832273 or visit www.instacare.pk